ScandiPWA version 3 is available on ReadyMage!

We are very excited to announce that all new ReadyMage subscriptions come with the latest ScandiPWA stable version 3.0.0!

This release of ScandiPWA comes with:
You can read benefits of V3 here:

and most exciting addition is Plugin Mechanism. Yes, this means that reusable ScandiPWA extensions can be easily developed and used across all of your projects.

Visit official ScandiPWA Extension Marketplace to view all of the already made extensions compatible with ScandiPWA and the upcoming ones! It already features extensions like Stripe, Gift Cards, RMA, UPS, Store Locator etc.

With this upgrade ReadyMage e-commerce setup has become much more flexible in terms of reusable components and customization. It is a great time to join!

Have a great day!
ReadyMage Team



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